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Base G based in the Latvia is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of water treatment products and systems, focusing on developing niche and environmentally friendly disinfection products and treatment delivery systems for a diverse range of industry sectors. Our advanced bacterial control products offer significant benefits over traditional methods of water disinfection.

XzioX (pronounced: Zi–OX) is an advanced delivery system generating a high purity chlorine dioxide solution. The active biocidal substance is Chlorine Dioxide (CLo2) which is 10 times more powerful than chlorine and chlorine type disinfectants. A powerful algaecide, bactericide and fungicide, XzioX is able to reduce and eliminate those harmful micro-organisms impacting to effecting water quality.

XzioX is the chemical of choice enjoyed by our clients across the globe, in an array of industries such as acetate production, food grade films & plastics, brewing, beverage production, poultry, agriculture and food processing. As both chlorine and aggressive acid type products are becoming unacceptable within various industries, thus making XzioX a highly desirable alternative.

As well as being an industry leader in the supply of water treatment products and systems Base G has diversified its business interests enabling our firm to meet the supply chain requirements of our clients in other commodities too.